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Project Overview

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Generic Gold Mine - Industrial Steel Shed & Awning

Located north-east of West Wyalong, is a booming gold mine that is 100% owned and operated by a Australian owned, world-class gold mining company. The recent approval for expansion of the underground mine unlocks huge production gains, with an anticipated boost to production of 350,000oz of low-cost gold per annum. The development is estimated to extend the operational life of the mine for more than 17 years.


To support this significant growth of the mine, Asset Building Systems (ABS) were engaged by the client to oversee the extension of their mobile maintenance workshop. This new industrial shed construction is used to service all specialised mining equipment and essential vehicles onsite including new underground mining equipment. High enough for mining trucks to fully tip up their tray whilst still working on them.

Trusted by top mining companies across New South Wales, Australia, ABS are commercial and industrial shed builders with a unrivalled reputation for extending and building steel-framed sheds and structures that are safe, high quality, compliant and customizable to suit heavy industrial operations.

Rising Above The Challenges

Given the remote nature of the mining industry, we have constructed industrial sheds in some of the toughest conditions that Australia throws at you. It just so happened that this workshop shed project was constructed in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. But this is not our first rodeo! 


We endured through difficult restrictions due to Covid including site lockouts, 42-degree days, major storms and flooding. The entire project was conducted in a live environment, meaning that mining operations were active with heavy machinery navigating the site daily. Safety and humour always helps us push through the tough times.

Scope of the Project

ABS deconstructed the old tyre fitting section and demolished the existing concrete pad that was to support the new industrial shed awning. Site evaluation deemed that the existing concrete pad was not up to specification for the proposed extension. Upon our engineer’s recommendations, our client opted for larger footings which future proofed the workshop should they wish to extend.

ABS rose to the challenge of removing the old tyre fitting awning, demolishing the existing concrete foundation and overseeing all shed extension efforts with strict adherence to compliance and safety measures. The new concrete foundations were comprised of double layer heavy mesh, were 500mm thick on the edges, and tested high for mpa (40), passing all tests and signed off for mandatory engineering certifications with flying colours.

ABS designed and constructed a 12 metre cantilever awning to account for the relocation of the tyre fitting station, and ultimately accommodate for a growing fleet of vehicles. Attached to the new structural-steel shed, the cantilever awning was chosen because it was a cost-effective way to maximise accessibility, vehicle maneuverability, whilst providing addition protective storage space and parking. The new awning was fabricated using 800WB (welded beam) columns and rafters.

Safety As a Value System

At ABS, safety is a non-negotiable aspect for every single job site we step foot on. Every site presents their own unique hazards and environmental differences that must be considered.


At this mine, the client invited us to take an advantageous ride to gain perspective from the height in the haul truck. It’s this type of experience that gives you a true perspective on safety, such as rules for smaller utes giving way to heavy machinery on-site: simply because drivers from a haul truck vantage they can’t see smaller vehicles around them.


During this project the ABS team were praised for our strict adherence and understanding to the importance of using safety harnesses & PPE to mine-site protocols with SWA documentation for work in high-risk zones. Working at a height of 18 metres inside the workshop shed our team was visited on-site by a Senior Managers, their scrutiny was rewarded by our unwavering adherence to regulations and provisions of health and safety.


In conclusion, the shed extension was an engineering feat because our engineer was able to deliver certainty by find design solutions that would enable maximum surface area for vehicle movements, by removing the need for obstructive columns.

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