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Industrial Sheds to Suit Your Growing Business

The best industrial sheds are built exactly to your needs. When you buy with Asset Building Systems, you’re getting more than just industrial shed construction – we offer a full service, tailored to your specifications. Our expert team will work with you in close consultation at every step, from drafting detailed plans and concept drawings through to project completion to ensure your new structure suits your business now and as you grow. Our services include full construction, awnings and extensions, each individually assessed to work best for industries including food processing, manufacturing, warehousing, and heavy industry.


At Asset Building Systems, we believe that close consultation always produces the best results. Before we get started, we’ll assess the cost of your shed construction and provide a free estimate, taking into account your specifications and your future growth goals. To get the ball rolling, contact us today for a free quote or to discuss your project further.

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Designed for Your Business

You want to buy an industrial shed that’s built for your business, not someone else’s. At Asset Building Systems, we offer a shed construction service that takes into account the specifics of your operation, industry, size, and growth goals. Forget shed kits - we’re with you at every step, starting with a free consultation and progressing to concept drawings that work to your custom specifications. From there, our expert team works with the best structural steel to create complex, industry-specific sheds at affordable prices.

Completely Managed for You

The simplest and most affordable industrial sheds are built with experience. Our team has worked across a range of industries like warehousing, manufacturing and mining, successfully managing projects at each step. Our advice: avoid cutting costs and taking shortcuts with self-managed construction and leave it to us. We welcome a collaborative approach but recommend trusting in our expertise to manage the construction phase. You’ll find our project management style prioritises health and safety, efficiency, and transparency with costs and timelines.

Reduced and Predictable Costs

Before you order your industrial shed, we’ll start with a free quote, customised to your specifications. We believe in being upfront with our clients, and we’ll provide a transparent estimate of the best price for your shed project that includes a cost breakdown and time frame. When you work with Asset Building Systems, you’ll find expert construction management, reliable contractors and quality materials at great rates.

Uses for Industrial Sheds

An industrial shed or warehouse allows you to expand your business and offer more than ever before. Industrial sheds are not only for housing equipment or storing retail. They can serve a wide range of purposes for all kinds of businesses. If your business is on the rise, your space should evolve to fit your needs. 

Goods storage is an important consideration for industrial operations. Asset Building Systems storage warehouses are custom-constructed with high-grade structural steel so no matter what you’re storing, it’s safe and secure.

Processing Plant

Being fully customised, our industrial sheds make ideal processing plants. We build to the specifics of your operation, accounting for transport access, space for equipment installation and high-strength construction that withstands the rigours of heavy industrial processing.

Whether you’re flying the smallest single engine plane or commercial-sized aircraft, reliable storage is indispensable. We can help you custom design an aircraft hanger suited to your size needs at the best price.

Refinery Facilities

Heavy industrial operations need to be built exactly to your specifications. We’ll work with you to consider the safest and most practical design for your refinery facility, putting ease of access, worker welfare and legal compliance as our top priorities.

Machinery Storage

From small-scale industry to entire logistics operations, you need to keep your machinery secure and protected from the elements. At our free consultation phase, we will discuss requirements such as machinery/transport access and any additional security concerns.

Industrial Workshops

Workshop spaces often include unique requirements such as gantry cranes and additional access points. Once you provide us with specifics, we’ll send you a free estimate covering everything you need to build your ideal workshop.

Wash Bay Shed

Satisfying the requirements of the EPA (Environment Protection Authority) can be daunting but this is made easy with a shed over your washbay area. Once you provide us with specifics, we’ll send you a free estimate covering everything you need to build your ideal wash bay.

Water Process Equipment Shed

From Municipal to manufacturing wastewater there is always need to cover expensive treatment pumps and processes. Discuss your water process layout with us to develop a shed structure to suit each unique project.

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Industrial Shed Prices

Finding the right industrial shed design is an important decision. It takes weighing all of your options and finding the perfect fit for your business needs and budget.


As you would imagine, the size of your industrial shed can be a big factor in the final price for your build. But functionality also plays a major role. So we need to take into account what the industrial shed will be storing and if you need to use the shed for other purposes, for instance, running an office from it.


If you’re not sure what size industrial shed you need, we recommend getting in touch with our team. Doing this day in and day out gives us great insight. We like to work closely with our clients to ensure not only that you build an industrial shed within your budget, but also one that is maximised for space and functionality.


We use a process called budget fit. This means we can give you upfront fixed pricing based on your needs before we even visit your site. You may wish to adjust this price as we talk through what you need and want for the project. But we find it helps to have a fixed starting price because it gives you a firm idea of where to begin.


The table below gives you a rough estimate of industrial shed prices in Australia according to size (per square metre). However, as mentioned, each project is subject to a number of other factors that can also impact the cost of an industrial shed build.



Typical lower cost/m2

Typical upper cost/m2

Cost range for 1000m2 building

Industrial Shed

 building only



$600,000 – $900,000

Industrial Shed, floor, basic electrical, no amenities



$900,000 – $1,200,000

Turnkey Industrial Shed complete design & construct



$1,300,000 – $1,800,000


Please keep in mind that these prices are base prices to be used as a guide only. These figures do not take into account other factors like shape, height, site costs, etc.

Industrial Sheds Pricing Factors

Size And Shape

As you can see from the price table above, size and shape certainly play a major part in final building cost. To determine how big your industrial shed needs to be, you need to work out exactly what it will be used for, factoring in room for business growth. If you’re storing machinery in your shed, you need to ensure there is enough room to manoeuvre in and out. You also have to consider security and protection from the elements. The number and type of doors needed on the shed can also greatly affect price. All of these choices will play a part in costing your industrial shed.

Location And Site Conditions

Location can increase or decrease the cost of building your industrial shed. Generally, the more remote the area, the higher the cost. This is because we need to get materials and trades people out to the location. If the terrain is rocky or hilly, that will also add to cost. A flat piece of land is always easier to build on.  Even something as simple as whether there are other buildings close to your shed, could play a role in pricing. If out in an exposed area, the shed may need extra support structures to help with wind shielding. Council Restrictions – Certain council areas will also have their own requirements that you need to adhere to and this can lead to extra costs. For instance, if building an industrial shed to house aircraft, Zincalume® that is one of the cheaper building materials, may not be allowed to be used. This is because it’s believed to be too reflective for landing aircraft.

Purpose Of Industrial Shed

The intended purpose of the shed has a large bearing on price in a number of ways. For instance an industrial shed used for energy infrastructure may need additional strengthening to protect it from natural disasters. Inclusions can also drive up the price of industrial sheds. A shed might need air conditioning, ventilations systems, sprinklers, extra security features or even specific lighting depending on what is being stored and what the overall purpose of the building is.

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What Are The Legal Requirements For Building An Industrial Shed?

Understanding the law is one of the many ways that our project management team can make your build easy, cost-effective and timely. Depending on your jurisdiction, legal requirements can vary, but they will often include:



  • Zoning: This restricts where building is allowed. For instance, in NSW, industrial sheds must be in a business or industrial zone.
  • Size: Depending on the area, there may be legal restrictions on the size of new developments.
  • Land Quality: For example, soil contamination may need assessing before building can commence.

Other considerations include whether the structure is new or an extension, water usage, distance from roads, building height and proximity to residential areas.

Get Fixed Pricing for Your Project

No one likes hidden fees.


That’s why at Asset Building Systems we adhere to reliable, fixed pricing for all of our construction projects. We promise to provide the most affordable plan to suit your needs.


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Industrial Shed Construction Services in Australia

Are you looking to expand your business space but don’t know where to start?


At Asset Building Systems we will work with you from the idea stage until project completion to help you create the industrial space your business needs.


Our team of experts manage everything, including project design and planning, carrying out construction, and managing the project on your behalf. This ensures top quality results and less stress for you!

Warehouse Planning

Our warehouse and industrial shed planning services include planning the placement of your shed at your location, sorting out council plans and approvals, meeting council requirements, finding contractors and more.


At Asset, we also understand that no one wins when variations have to be done, so we will work with you to come up with an all-inclusive contract that covers all the bases.


We aim to create an experience that is as hassle-free for our customers as possible. This means more time to focus on what you do best, while we do the rest!

Managed construction services by expert construction consultants
Industrial sheds - a building under construction

Industrial Shed Construction

Construction projects can take a lot of work, organization, and manpower to make it happen. As a business owner, you may not have time to oversee the entire project – or know-how to make it all come together.


Trust the experts at Asset to do it for you! We manage every element of the construction to ensure professional, high-quality results at an affordable price.


Your managed construction project will include:

  • Steel Fabrication
  • Fire Protection to Code
  • Concrete
  • & more
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation
  • Roofing
  • Roller doors

Externals and Fit-Out

Who says your industrial shed can’t have curb appeal?

Beyond just creating a functional space, it’s important that your industrial shed is top quality and meets your standards.

We provide external and fitout services to add the finishing touches to your shed. This includes:

  • Street Facade Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Office Fit-Out
  • Security Systems
  • Phone/Data
  • Power Supply
  • Earthworks
  • Finishing & Siding

See something missing from this list? Let us know your vision for your project and discuss your options today.

Industrial shed externals and fit outs

That’s a lot to keep track of!

Focus on what matters most in your business and let the pros at Asset Building Systems to handle your industrial shed construction project from start to finish.

Fixed price managed construction solutions

Find Reliable Industrial Shed Builders Near You

We’ve managed projects all over NSW. Here are some projects we’ve managed throughout the NSW area:

Want to know why Australian business owners trust Asset Building Systems with their construction needs? We take a better approach than the rest!

Manged Construction Solution Contract

Built to your specification

Manged Construction Solutions That Are On Budget

Built to your budget

Manged Construction That's Completed On Time

Built to your time-frame

Project Management

Experienced Manged Construction Experts

Managed on your behalf

It’s time that you create a space that reflects the growth of your business.

With an industrial shed, you can expand your services and continue bringing your customers quality results. To make your vision a reality, work with the experts at Asset Building Systems to ensure the job gets done right.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does it Cost to Build An Industrial Shed?

As every project is unique, this can (and does) vary widely, from $168-$500/sqm for a basic shed just up to ‘lock-up’ stage, or closer to $1,000/sqm for a D&C complete ‘turn-key’ project from the ground up. This all depends on your shed size, location, type of material you choose for the build, and your ‘finish quality’ that you choose.

What Type Of Industrial Sheds Do We Specialise In?

Asset Building utilizes a ‘built-for-you’ approach with custom designs to suit any client. From factories for heavy manufacturing, to storage sheds for large vehicles/maintenance, to warehousing for imported goods. Sheds, Awnings, Extensions, we cover your space for you any way you need it.

How Long Does It Take to Build An Idustrial Shed?

The shed build time is entirely dependent on the type of construction and the size of the shed. A simple shed might take only 8-10 weeks from order to finish. A larger industrial/commercial project can have a lengthy council process, and then take 6 to 12 months to build on-site. For more information.

What is The Difference Between Galvanising And Painted Steelwork?

Corrosion can reduce the strength and longevity of steel and there are two main methods to prevent it:


  • Galvanising: Galvanised steel is coated in a layer of zinc which protects against corrosion. This method produces long-lived steel (up to 50 years) at a relatively inexpensive price. One negative of galvanising is its limited range of colour options.
  • Painting: Painted steel is coated with paint to protect against the elements. This method provides plenty of colour options and is easier to repair than galvanised steel, though it has a shorter lifespan and requires more regular maintenance.


How Do I Get Council Approval For An Industrial Shed?
  1. Zoning: Be sure to check with your local council or zoning plans to determine your legal requirements.
  2. Application: Your application to council should be thorough, including site plans, building specifications and materials. 
  3. Consultant: Engage with the professionals. A consultant can help you avoid the time-consuming pitfalls of the approval process at each step.
  4. Submit: Present your thorough application along with all supporting documentation. 
  5. Review: The council review process can be slow (potentially taking months), so be prepared to wait for the application’s outcome.
  6. Outcome: The application will either be approved or refused. If approved, you’ll receive a certificate of approval. If refused, you’ll need to address the council’s concerns.
What is The Difference Between Tilt Up And Precast Concrete Panels?

Just like steel, concrete is a vital component of industrial sheds. Often, you’ll be presented  with two options:


  • Tilt up: This type of concrete panel is cast on-site and lifted into place. Tilt up concrete is popular for its quick construction, custom sizing, and cost-effectiveness, but its height limitations mean it’s best for smaller projects.
  • Precast: Here, concrete is cast in a factory and transported, Precast concrete is high quality and suited to a wide range of building requirements, but it is less easily customised compared to tilt up concrete.
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