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Various sheds and warehouse at Mt Piper

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We don’t just build ‘sheds’, we build custom-designed steel-framed structures and ancillary works, so if you need something built on your Mine Site,  please reach out & speak to our project consultants.

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Mining construction

We understand mining involves a high level of complexity and risk, and therefore we strive to design & build our structures in a way that makes it easy for you and safe at the same time. 


  • Full Design, Siteworks, Construction & Project Management Service
  • In-house fabrication workshop & riggers
  • Experienced team, with wide range of construction experience
  • Open communication; we believe in being upfront.
  • High-spec focus, with an emphasis on meeting quality standards all the way through the fabrication & build process.

Industrial Steel Mining Storage Sheds - NSW

Custom Storage Mining Sheds for any Site

We understand capex approval is required for mining operations, including structures. The key is to take out the time-wasting and headaches when creating a budget estimate for your proposed project.


Supervisors of logistics, procurement, maintenance, engineering and other managers must have the confidence their shed provider is familiar with the risks associated with working on complex, active mine sites.

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Designed for Your Site

Mine sites are unique, the working conditions and operational activities vary so a fresh approach to the specific shed designs are required for each site. Understanding your current challenge is key, along with timeframes, safety restrictions and operational challenges that are at play. Solutions based, our team is forensic in unpacking the critical factors that will influence both the design and the construction process.

Completely Managed for You

Our mining construction solutions are complete end to end, or you could say “Dirt to Done - Compliance to Construction". Asset Building Systems takes care of initial sketches, design, engineering, workshop drawings, inhouse fabrication, construction. Project Management, workplace safety, compliance, and installation is completely managed by our in-house team. We even have our own trucks and cranes. Simplified, Safe and Easy!

Reduced and Predictable Costs

Working closely with the key stakeholders to understand the project brief and non - negotiable deliverables for each shed project, eliminates the pain of having to request additional funds from management due to oversights in the estimating stage. Experienced with the detail of safety, plant and operational complexity of Mine Sites, w e understand the pitfalls and make allowance in the budget so your estimate is real and represents actual buildable value.

What ’s Unique about Mining Sheds?

Mining sheds typically are much the same as warehouses and sheds in standard industrial estates, with some exceptions. The level of quality assurance is much higher with typical examples being non – destructive welding testing, comprehensive ITPs (Inspection and Test Plan) and squirter washers (DTI) etc. The additional level of quality assurance gives the principal confidence that structures in complex industries, critical infrastructure and high-risk environments are completely safe and also provide s a clear line of responsibility.


What Are Typical Needs for Mining Sheds ?

Mining sheds make the ideal workshops , material storage, dump truck repair bays , lube storage and gas storage. Many sheds contrcuted on Mines are designed to specifically protect plant and machinery to ensure long life of expensive, precision equipment by guarding the extremes of heat, cold, rain, dust and smoke.

Each shed is custom designed to be fit for purpose. Lube sheds have a bund incorporate d into the design, fit for purpose to suit the storage capacity of litres of chemical.

Maintenance sheds have thick concrete slabs to suit heavy jacking loads of heavy dump trucks and earthmoving equipment used on the Mine site

Mining Storage Shed Prices

Not all sheds are designed & built to be heavy duty – a prefabricated, modular style warehouse may look great at an attractive price, but simply does not have the engineered design and structural integrity needed for heavy industrial use.

When a shed is small and there isn’t heavy equipment nearby to assist witih erection, some companies choose a light purlin frame structure instead of a welded frame to reduce cost.

Typically mining sheds are completely unique and specifications vary, please contact us for a price specific to your project

Managed construction services for your business

The Asset Building Approach

At Asset, we don’t believe in a one - size - fits - all solution. That’s why all of our Mining sheds are custom priced according to the specifications of our customers. Talk to us today about your requirements and specific challenges. You can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best possible design, management and value for your project

Customized construction services

Customized to Your Needs

Our expert design & engineering team will craft a shed building design and plan that fits your operation, space requirements, height, spanning and reaches desired for the location, and longevity of the mine.

Want to know how much your Mining Shed will cost? Contact us for a free, no obligation quote now.

Mining Shed Construction Process

Typically mines run a tender process for procuring structures including sheds.

  • ITPs are prepared in conjunction with the client, with hold points agreed upon.
  • Design drawings are produced to the engineering constraints, and supplied to client for sign off.
  • Workshop drawings are prepared and also supplied to client for final approval.
  • Steelwork is procured for fabrication in our workshop.
  • Siteworks are planned and completed, including any water, power and drainage requirements.
  • Cladding, bolts etc are scheduled for procurement.
  • Footings are set out and poured
  • Concrete slab set out and poured
  • Where practical the roof is constructed on the ground to reduce logistics and improve efficiency, while making it safer for our construction workers
  • Columns are stood up, and roof lifted by cranes and bolted into place
  • Cladding completed with flashings
  • Roller and personnel doors are fitted and operational
  • Fire Safety Compliance & Safety Signage
  • Electrical fitoff and code compliance
  • Storm water is connected
  • Onsite client walk around is performed for handover. Should any defects identified these are closed out prior to project completion

Your managed construction project will include:

  • One point of contact assigned for the entire project communications
  • Comprehensive ITPs
  • Construction program
  • Regular progress updates
  • Defect free shed at hand over
  • A headache free installed mining shed with one point of contact for the entire project.
Fixed price managed construction solutions

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We’ve managed projects all over NSW. Here are some projects we’ve managed throughout the NSW area:

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