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Commercial Sheds for Growing Businesses Like Yours

As your business grows, it is likely that you will want to expand your physical commercial space.


However, if you are currently running your business out of an office or warehouse, extra room for storage, meetings, housing merchandise, and more may be limited. At the same time, fully renovating your space can be inconvenient and expensive.


Fortunately, there’s a solution – commercial shed construction from Asset Building Systems.

Busy industrial warehouse business

Why Build a Commercial Shed?

There are many reasons for utilizing a commercial shed for your business. At Asset Building Systems, we believe more space means more potential for you to take your business to new heights.

Industrial rural storage shed construction

Add Functional Space

With a commercial shed, you can add to the functional space of your business and create the freedom to offer even more services to your customers who need it most. It also gives you the space to take on larger projects, lead events, and showcase your products.

Inside a completed industrial commercial shed

Designed for Your Business

With a commercial shed, you can add to the functional space of your business and create the freedom to offer even more services to your customers who need it most. It also gives you the space to take on larger projects, lead events, and showcase your products.

Together, we’ll design a functional space that allows your business to grow – without pulling you away from what matters most in your business.

Commercial Shed Design and Pricing

How do you find the right commercial shed for your needs and budget? You need a solution that meets your unique specifications and won’t break the bank.


Commercial shed prices vary, but this is a good thing! Together, we’ll find the best solution for you.

Managed construction services for your business

How We Do It

The trusted design and engineering experts at Asset Building Systems will work closely with you to design a commercial shed that you can feel good about. We’ll factor in the timeframe you have in mind, your budget, and other factors to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need at the right price.

Be sure to ask us about our fixed pricing structure!

Reliable Fixed-Price Construction Services

Tired of construction companies that nickel and dime you at every turn?


At Asset Building Systems, we stick to fixed-pricing construction services so you know what to expect, every time. No missing components, hidden fees, or confusing contracts.


Get a no-obligation quote for your commercial shed project today.

Commercial shed roof frame
Commercial shed helicopter hangar

What are Commercial Sheds Used for?

A commercial shed can be a great investment for your business – allowing your business to grow and continue to deliver goods and services to your customers at scale.


Whether you envision a new warehouse, a spacious storeroom, or simply additional storage space, a commercial shed grants you the potential to expand your business and take on new projects. Commercial sheds offer a wide range of uses, and come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs.

Commercial sheds can be used for:

  • Warehouse Space
  • Packing and Processing
  • Storage
  • Workshops
  • & more
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Showrooms
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Indoor Sports Facilities
  • Meeting Spaces

Our range of Commercial Sheds

Food processing Shed Rural NSW
Food Processing
Heavy Industrial
Industrial shed extension for warehouse storage
Manufacturing Sheds
view inside warehouse shed with racking and forklifts
Top view of Industrial shed extension framing
Shed Extensions
industrial warehouse with cantilever awning off side of shed
Shed Awnings

Find the Most Reliable Commercial Shed Builders Near You

With Asset Building Systems, we guarantee that every project is:

Manged Construction Solution Contract

Built to your specification

Manged Construction Solutions That Are On Budget

Built to your budget

Manged Construction That's Completed On Time

Built to your time-frame

Project Management

Experienced Manged Construction Experts

Managed on your behalf

Asset Building Systems expert construction consultants

Trusted By Australian Business Owners

Australia business owners turn to Asset Building Systems for transparent pricing, professionalism, and top-quality results. We do what others can’t.


We promise to work with you every step of the way to build the commercial shed you have always wanted.

Fixed price managed construction solutions

Find Reliable Commercial Shed Builders Near You

We’ve managed projects all over NSW. Here are some projects we’ve managed throughout the NSW area:

Want to know why Australian business owners trust Asset Building Systems with their construction needs? We take a better approach than the rest!

Fixed price managed construction solutions

The Asset Building Systems Approach

From the idea stage all the way to completion, we’ll work with you to ensure that your construction project comes together – without the stress.


At Asset Building Systems, our philosophy is open communication every step of the way. With fixed prices and total transparency, you can trust our team to focus on your needs first without shady contracts or hidden fees.


Are you looking for a more reliable construction company? Contact us today to learn more about our methods and philosophy.

Industrial shed extension planning

Site Evaluation, Design & Planning

Before any construction begins on your shed extension we’ll evaluate the work site and your existing shed’s structure. From there, we’ll put together a shed extension design and construction plan that is best suited for your business needs.

Industrial shed extension framing

Shed Framing & Purlins

After the strategic placement of necessary footings Your Factory or Warehouse addition begins to take shape with the erection of frame and purllins. Once the foof mesh and safety rails are in installed it ready for placement of the insulation and roof sheets.

Industrial shed extension panelling

Shed Roof & Metal Sheeting

The  roofing and wall cladding are added to complete the structure.

Interior of a completed industrial shed extension

Shed Completion & Site Cleanup

Once your shed extension is completed, and all safety items ticked off, the site is cleaned and your new addition is ready for use!

Ready to Build a Commercial Shed for Your Business?

Contact the commercial shed builders at Asset to get the job done right! Our team will create a plan for your construction project that’s affordable and stress-free. Get started today.


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