Our Building Method

Innovative time and money saving systems for commercial and industrial construction.

Design and Planning

We work with your company to take a genuine, thought-out look at what will work for you.


Every company is different and operates differently, and so every shed needs to be designed differently around your needs. We work with you to help think through all the options and scenarios to ensure that your business can operate without the shed getting in the way, for instance installing awnings with no posts to facilitate truck movement, and clear-span structure designs to allow more workshop/manufacturing/warehousing space.


Our team has the capability to make concept drawings of the proposed design, and to plan out the the use of the facility to allow for maximum utilization of space and functionality.

Frame of an industrial commercial shed

High Quality Steel

When you’re comparing shed types, there is a critical difference that is sometimes overlooked. We build with “structural steel”.


A lot of sheds are built with the “purlin-style” of building, which is incredibly efficient, but simply hasn’t got the same amount of actual steel or strength. Purlin style sheds are fantastic for anything up to 12m, but we recommend that anything over 12m, and definitely over 18m should use structural steel.


Main types of structural steel used in our buildings:

  • UB Columns/trusses
  • Web Trusses
  • RHS

Focus on What Matters to You

We have had business owners who are halfway through a shed project they managed themselves come to us and say, “we wish we’d got you guys to do the whole lot”.


All the hassle that comes with learning the building industry, trying to get subcontractors and all the different trades to work together to achieve the result you need, within your time frame, it just isn’t worth it to a lot of business owners.


We recommend that you work through the design and planning process, then leave the whole project with experts to complete. This is what we do every day, and we can save you a lot of time and hassle, which allows you to focus on your business and life, while knowing that your project will be completed right.

Busy warehouse after construction was completed
Arial view of an aircraft hangar and industrial shed

Built for You

Asset Building takes a customer-focused approach to the shed building process.

When you choose Asset, we work with you to design the Shed, extension or awning around your specific needs. We usually work with companies in the Industrial/Commercial market, which spans industries as diverse as manufacturing, food processing, warehousing, air & aerial services, and educational facilities, through to heavy industrial sectors such as mining companies.

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We Do What Others Can’t

As a business owner, you’re busy focusing on what matters most in your business. Managing a construction project should be the least of your worries.


Let Asset Building Systems manage your project start to finish at a fixed price. Our team will work with you to find the best design for your business and take it from there. No more “surprises” and no more headaches. Get your free custom quote today.

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