Covered Outdoor Learning Areas for Schools

Safe and functional outdoor spaces for students and staff

Covered Outdoor Learning Areas

Asset Building Systems’ Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLAs) are a great way to protect students from the elements.


COLAs allowing for year round assembly, play and student movement, and are great when combined with a school Covered Walkway to allow all-weather access to all school areas.


Having worked at over 60 schools across NSW, Asset has a solid understanding of the requirements of working in the educational environment. 


Asset Building offers:

  • Complete bird-proofing of School COLAs – children don’t have to worry about bombardment from above!
  • ​School-compliant design.
  • Asset Building Systems can project manage any school shelter building project
  • We supply Covered Outdoor Learning Areas to all of NSW.

COLA Shelter Design & Engineering

Designed with proper engineering to withstand the wind loads and uplift/airflow, our COLA shelters are able to span any area you need.
These solidly-built school metal structures are a better option in many cases than fabric covers, as, unlike the fabric covers, our covers block all the sun’s UV rays from passing through, protecting from the elements and minimizing the risk of skin cancer.

Built with galvanized steel, our COLAs are designed to not need welding on-site, removing the risk of welding flash damage to on-lookers, and also removing the need for regular painting/maintenance on our covered learning areas. These structures will be safe for years to come with our galvanized frames.

Managed construction services by expert construction consultants
Asset Building Systems expert construction consultants

COLA Construction Experts

Our team is fully trained and qualified, with special measures taken for the protection of the children at schools – all of our workers go through child safety checks before working at school sites, and we take special care to barricade and maintain the safety of the school environment while working around children at schools.

Previous Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) Projects

School COLA for Finley Highschool in NSW Australia

Finley High School COLA

Built in December 2016, Finley High School Covered Outdoor Learning Area (COLA) was built as a large cover over the concrete area between school buildings. Features included Galvanized steel with no welding on-site, and bird-proofing to protect children from bird droppings.
Built with solid structure and roof, this outdoor cover will protect children from UV rays and stormy weather, allowing further access to outside educational areas in all weather conditions.

Covered outdoor learning area for Albury High School is NSW Australia

Albury High School COLA

Built in 2009, Albury High School COLA is an example of our long history of covered outdoor areas at schools all across NSW.
One of our first COLAs lifted by crane, Asset has since gone on to more advanced and specialized systems, including no welding on-site and complete bird-proofing systems.

School COLA for Tullamore Central School in NSW Australia

Tullamore Central School COLA

Tullamore Central School COLA, built with the bird-proofing option to help the school children avoid annoyance and the asian bird flu.

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