Case Study: Storage Warehouse at Open-Cut Gold Mine


It’s no secret that Australia harbours world-class mineral deposits.

With a well-earned reputation for safe, responsible and innovative mining practices, the mining sector of Australia is internationally renowned for upholding high standards for compliance and quality control.

At Asset Building Systems (ABS), we believe in working above and beyond the quality, safety and regulatory compliance benchmarks that are required in the Mining Industry.

Storage Warehouse

Project Overview

To support the rapid growth of an Open-Cut Gold Mine in Australia, Asset Building Systems (ABS) was recently contracted by a mining company for the design and construction of their new industrial storage warehouse.


Commissioned to support the expansion of the mine, the storage shed construction was engineered and designed to provide greater capacity in the parts storage department of mining operations.


Spanning 100 metres in length, 25m wide, and 9.5m high at the peak, the industrial shed featured a large cantilever awning for additional protected outdoor storage space. We managed the entire project including design, fabrication of steelwork, concreting, electrical, drainage, stormwater and plumbing.


With an air-conditioned internal mezzanine office for parts department administration, exterior parking spaces, multiple large roller doors and emergency exit personnel access door, the warehouse was built to guarantee quality standards in alignment with the Building Code of Australia (BCA), National Construction Code (NCC) and International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO9001).


The roof is comprised of twelve heat-extraction turbine vents/whirlybirds and 55mm Builders insulation for mitigating high temperatures and condensation. Translucent roofing sheets were selected for the design to filter in natural light, installed every 10 metres, they work to maximise energy efficiency by reducing dependence on artificial light during the day.

The warehouse was later fitted with large racking bays for parts storage.

Non-Negotiable Safety and Compliance

Safety is a non-negotiable of critical importance to this client. Fortunately, it is an important value and quality assurance requisite upheld by Asset Building Systems. We take safety seriously, viewing Work Health and Safety (WHS), quality standards, and compliance as mandatory components of a quality build, which are inherently built into our risk controls and safety management plans.


For this project, we took safety action by installing permanent fall arrest safety anchors to enable safe roof access throughout the build. As soon as there was sufficient room on the wall, a safe access ladder was installed. This dictated the access to the roof during construction and for any future roof maintenance. All high-risk work at heights was conducted with fall-arrest safety harnesses and connected to fall arrest anchors, in accordance with WHS Regulations.


With consideration of the existing high voltage power lines adjacent to the building site, we opted for a stick-built methodology to better manage safety and risk management. Using this sequenced methodology allowed us to manage risk and optimise safety on a site that frequently receives high winds and storms.


Working collaboratively with onsite electricians, we provided earthing lugs before the completion of earthing to the lighting system. Concrete slump testing and concrete crush tests were also completed for compliance. Fire protection systems were installed to code and emergency doors were installed and signed off for peace of mind.


Working on a mining site, we are always aware of our responsibilities. Every site presents unique hazards, industry compliance measures and environmental differences that must be taken into account, on a case by case basis.


Not only is our work carried out with adherence to the building standards that directly apply to structural steel construction like AS/NZS 1554.1 (structural steel welding), but also to the applicable WHS legislation specific to your mining site environment.

Striving for a Zero Defect Hand Over

At Asset, we are well accustomed to working to tight deadlines, ensuring safety, compliance and seamless handovers that are free of defects. We have a proven track record for our capacity to work under the demanding perimeters of the mining sector.

Whether it’s guaranteeing height safety the vertical line stile and rungs are tested and passed before hand over, or timing our schedule to meet the demands of our clients, we do everything in our power to ensure that our work never clashes or interferes with your operations.

NSW’s Premier Shed Building Company

Delivering effective solutions to complex industrial problems, Asset Building Systems has established itself as a preferred, trusted shed builder by mining companies throughout Australia.


From the Riverina/Murray, Central West & Orana, Greater Sydney, South East & Tablelands, Central Coast to the North Coast of the state, we have an unrivalled reputation and commitment as first-choice industrial steel-framed shed and infrastructure builders.


In lands rich in natural resources like iron ore, coal, gold, gas, copper, silver, lead, zinc, cobalt, lithium, and industrial minerals like mineral sands, clays and limestone, our sheds are inherently built for safety, compliance, quality, and customisable to suit heavy industrial and mining operations.

Remote Mining Infrastructure

Asset Building Systems is no stranger to remote construction.


As a family run business based out of Griffith NSW, we take pride in our craftsmanship, dedication to excellence, customer service and satisfaction. With 18 years of experience in the business of shed construction, we continue to deliver professionalism to remote industries.

One all-inclusive, fixed-price contract

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At ABS, we offer fixed pricing for all of your projects and manage your warehouse build on your behalf to ensure that the entire process goes off without a hitch, so you never have to worry about unforeseen costs or delayed projects again. Your business can open sooner and you can focus more on the important things – like growing your company.

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