Shed Sizes: The Full Guide


The answer is yes and no. If you want a standard shed then yes you can get standard industrial shed sizes and heights which work out fairly economically.

However in the industrial sector most sheds are made to order. They are custom built to suit your requirements and the bay sizes, heights of door openings, door positions etc will be governed by a number of different factors related to your requirements. This results in a purpose built building that delilvers the efficiencies you need in workspace and the aesthetics you are looking for externally.

Shed bay sizes, being determined by wind load and other factors, are very site specific.

You might have a design that calls for a certain sized column or rafter, and in another terrain category with a higher wind loading the same member will need to be a lot heavier. One way of keeping the member the same size might be to reduce the bay spacing of the shed, but this introduces more portal frames, more footings, etc. So it becomes a juggling act to find sizes and spacings that a most efficient or economical for the desired shed size.

However in general terms a standard shed bay is kept to around 6m although bays up to 9m and even 12m are possible to suit particular situations.

Individual columns can also be eliminated by the use of large-spanning beams to allow for very unique situations.

Average shed heights are again very site-specific, but typical industrial sheds start at around 6m high and can go up to 17-18m.

Other governing factors may be height restrictions on your particular site, or the need to accommodate crane rails etc. within the building.

In summary standard shed sizes are mostly applicable to farm situations where configuration of the building is not forced by property limitations.

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