Downer Sustainable Road Resource Centre

Heavy Industrial Custom Sheds

Downer Sustainable Road Resource Centre

NSW State Significant Development

Location: Rosehill – Camellia, Central Sydney Industrial Area

Client: Downer Group

Industry: Heavy Industry – Complex Infrastructure

Scope: Fabrication and Construction of Heavy Industrial Custom Sheds & Complex Industrial Buildings

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Asset Building System’s Project Scope

Asset Building Systems (ABS) was contracted by Downer Group in 2020 for the fabrication and construction of four structural steel structures which included multiple custom sheds and complex industrial buildings for the specific needs of the Rosehill Sustainable Road Resource Centre.

Deemed a State Significant Development (SSD), the Downer Resource Centre (along with the Central Sydney Industrial Estate) was subject to approvals, with submissions of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) prepared under Part 4 of the New South Wales Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, and SSD application.

Collaborating with Downer’s engineering and design team, ABS played a critical role in finding safe and cost-effective solutions for the facilities’ compliance and operational needs, in alignment with their SSD and EIS obligations.

It was determined early in the design phase, that the most efficient way to store recovered materials was to use vertical bunkers within the industrial sheds which required a custom-designed roof that would offer dust suppression and ventilation without compromising the aesthetics of the facility.


Beyond the challenges of working on an active construction site, the project presented obstacles of which ABS rose above with the confidence of a veteran shed construction company.

Being a high wind zone and working at heights of up to 25 metres, ABS took extra precautions to work at safely at heights, by working during safer wind periods, using EWP boom lifts and cranes, and implementing our high-risk work at heights procedures with fall-arrest safety harnesses and anchors, per WHS regulations.

We are happy to report that all works were completed defect-free with zero injuries or workplace health and safety issues.

Finding Solutions

Using our unique building methodology, we built custom roof structures on the ground (including roof sheeting and skylights), along with pre-assembling of the walls as separate structures on the ground, which were then to be lifted into place by crane. This modular component approach to structural elements achieves the best of both worlds; made to measure to fit the superstructure exactly- with the agility of ground-assembly with better efficiencies and safety controls. By implementing this unconventional construction method, we can maximise safety outcomes, reduce the high-risk safety hazards of working at heights, speed up the construction phase and eliminate potential damage to the existing conveying systems on-site.

All electrical and ventilation systems were installed and commissioned at ground level to avoid additional high-risk work. The expected 2-3 week turnaround for Request for Information (RFIs) was completed within days by our internal team. We levered off our experience and foresight to design and engineer temporary crane runways which were used to facilitate overhead crane installation, speeding up project construction and improving WHS and Quality Assurance outcomes.

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“Asset Building Systems were amazing. 5-Stars. Anytime that anyone needs a referral for a structural steel shed builder, they can call me about Asset Building. Admittedly we didn’t know you to start with our project- but were very quickly impressed by Asset’s expertise and professional approach to get things done.”
Senior Project Manager, Downer Group

Complex Infrastructure

Fixed-Price Project Management from Concept to Completion

Asset Building Systems is New South Wales Leading Structural Steel Shed Builder with more than two decades of experience in project managing complex infrastructure and heavy industrial projects.

From Western NSW to Greater Sydney, South Coast, Snowy Mountains, and the Riverina and beyond, we have a proven track record of delivering 100+ world-class complex and heavy industry projects.

Founded on genuine partnerships and an unrivalled commitment to safety and compliance, Asset Building Systems has been constructing safe, customised and compliant sheds and structural steel infrastructure.

Renowned for our fixed-price operation model, more than 50% of our clients are returning or referred through our working networks.

Environmental, Social and Economic Benefits

According to Downer, the Sustainable Road Resource Centre is anticipated to achieve some of the following outcomes:

– reduces the number of virgin resources that need to be extracted to produce new asphalt resources (270,000 tonnes per annum of raw material recovered from road waste)
– reduces the amount of landfill space required to permanently dispose of waste (290,000 tpa of waste material diverted from landfill)
– reduces the amount of heavy vehicle traffic and associated emissions that are already congesting Greater Sydney roads
– reduces the cost of asphalt and road work programs
– leading the way as the world’s best practice in sustainable road management

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