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How Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) Can Benefit Industrial Shed Construction | Process and Benefits Explained

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Often, the construction of industrial sheds is a large undertaking, with many moving parts. Being able to control the costs of these parts can be a challenge. However, Early Contractor Involvement, (ECI), is one way to help gain control of the project, and the budget. In this article, we’ll explain what ECI is and how it can benefit you and your company when constructing industrial sheds.

The Process 

ECI is a procurement method used in construction and infrastructure projects, where the contractor is involved with the design and planning of your industrial projects. You establish a collaborative relationship with your contractors to create a strong team and facilitate smooth communication between all team players. This helps to save time and engage the knowledge of experienced contractors and builders in the process early. You can increase efficiency through design choices and material choices, and save money by engaging with the construction team early on, so they understand the project from the beginning.

The Benefits Of Early Contractor Involvement

Save Time 

If the contractor can help with the design early on, it can save time on the actual construction of the industrial shed. Also, if the contractor can see the designs, and what is wanted in an industrial shed, they can mitigate risks beforehand. They will be able to avoid costly mistakes before they begin, by changing any design flaws they can recognise. The better you prepare, the easier it will be to execute.

Reduce Costs

With a close relationship between the design team and the construction team, efficiencies can be discovered.
  • Optimised construction can reduce the costs of materials.
  • Better communication between stakeholders can reduce any misunderstandings, which can lead to delays and costs ballooning.
  • The better the contractors know the project, the better they will be able to understand how much material will be needed, reducing the amount of excess stock and supplies.

Improved Communications

If there is a breakdown in communication or misunderstandings, this can delay construction, or require costly mistakes to be addressed. If the construction and design teams understand the project, they can speak with the client and understand their goals from the beginning. This smooths out the process from conception to completion.

Minimise Risks

Often a construction contractor can tell if there will be risks involved, or design flaws with an industrial shed, just from preparing the designs, not after construction has begun on site. This can minimise risk, and reduce the potential cost blowouts. 

Strengthen Relationships

Strong communication and trusting each other in the process of the design and building of an industrial shed can build strong relationships. This can lead to plenty of referral work, and it can lead to increased efficiency as each component of the project begins to understand how to best work together for fantastic results.

Add Value

Involving contractors in the design stage, and having their qualified input, adds value to the project as a whole. They can mitigate any risks before construction begins, can suggest better ways to build, and bring material costs down with more accurate data. There is that intangible value, too- being a part of the team. Having contractors as an integral part of the project will have them more invested in the outcome. 

The Challenges Of Early Contractor Involvement

There can be two main challenges involved with ECI:
  1. Trust. A design team may not want to share ideas or share the space, the decision-making part of a project. They might not want to share the design stage, wanting to leave the contractors to the building, and nothing else.
  2. Inexperience. Even with ECI, the contractors may not have the skills and knowledge required to help in the design stage. It could be a waste of time involving contractors that early on.


You want the best outcomes for all your building projects, especially industrial sheds. The size of the project, the money and the time involved means you want the best team on the job, from design through to construction. ECI can speed up the process and enhance the overall experience. Speaking with a builder who knows and understands the designs from the get-go, fills you with confidence that it will be a job well done.

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