Industrial Shed Prices: The Full Guide

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The cost to build an industrial shed can seem like a bit of an enigma if you’ve never had to build one. Industrial sheds are very popular in Australia, particularly in rural parts of the country. Farmers and manufacturers often use them to store heavy machinery and other equipment. They’re also used to assist with production. While the terms warehouse and industrial shed are often used interchangeably, they are different types of buildings and have their own seperate costs. 


Read our warehouse construction cost guide to find out more.  An industrial shed is more likely to be occupied by a single business, and as such is usually the main place of business. As with any type of building, the cost to build an industrial shed will be influenced by many factors. This blog serves as a guide to help you budget for an industrial shed, while learning what factors can affect cost.

Industrial Shed Price Guide by Size and Type

As you would imagine, the size of your industrial shed can be a big factor in the final price for your build. But functionality also plays a major role. So we need to take into account what the industrial shed will be storing and if you need to use the shed for other purposes, for instance, running an office from it.


If you’re not sure what size industrial shed you need, we recommend getting in touch with our team. Doing this day in and day out gives us great insight. We like to work closely with our clients to ensure not only that you build an industrial shed within your budget, but also one that is maximised for space and functionality.


We use a process called budget fit. This means we can give you upfront fixed pricing based on your needs before we even visit your site. You may wish to adjust this price as we talk through what you need and want for the project. But we find it helps to have a fixed starting price because it gives you a firm idea of where to begin.


The table below gives you a rough estimate of industrial shed prices in Australia according to size (per square metre). However, as mentioned, each project is subject to a number of other factors that can also impact the cost of an industrial shed build.




Typical lower cost/m2

Typical upper cost/m2

Cost range for 1000m2 building

Industrial Shed

 building only



$300,000 – $480,000

Industrial Shed, floor, basic electrical, no amenities



$600,000 – $780,000

Turnkey Industrial Shed complete design & construct



$1,080,000 – $1,320,000


*These prices are a guide only. They are base prices and do not take into account other factors like shape, height, site costs etc

Common Things to Consider When Building an Industrial Shed

Many factors play a part in final industrial shed prices. This list is by no means exhaustive but will give you an indication of the sorts of things you need to factor in.


Size and Shape of Industrial Shed – As you can see from the price table above, size and shape certainly play a major part in final building cost. To determine how big your industrial shed needs to be, you need to work out exactly what it will be used for, factoring in room for business growth. If you’re storing machinery in your shed, you need to ensure there is enough room to manoeuvre in and out. You also have to consider security and protection from the elements. The number and type of doors needed on the shed can also greatly affect price. All of these choices will play a part in costing your industrial shed.


Location and Site Conditions – Location can increase or decrease the cost of building your industrial shed. Generally, the more remote the area, the higher the cost. This is because we need to get materials and trades people out to the location. If the terrain is rocky or hilly, that will also add to cost. A flat piece of land is always easier to build on.  Even something as simple as whether there are other buildings close to your shed, could play a role in pricing. If out in an exposed area, the shed may need extra support structures to help with wind shielding.
Council Restrictions – Certain council areas will also have their own requirements that you need to adhere to and this can lead to extra costs. For instance, if building an industrial shed to house aircraft, Zincalume® that is one of the cheaper building materials, may not be allowed to be used. This is because it’s believed to be too reflective for landing aircraft.

Purpose of Industrial Shed – The intended purpose of the shed has a large bearing on price in a number of ways. For instance an industrial shed used for energy infrastructure may need additional strengthening to protect it from natural disasters. Inclusions can also drive up the price of industrial sheds. A shed might need air conditioning, ventilations systems, sprinklers, extra security features or even specific lighting depending on what is being stored and what the overall purpose of the building is.

We’d love to help you get the best industrial shed possible for your budget and needs. Get in touch and we can chat about what you’re after.

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