Is Over Engineering Adding To Your Costs?


Efficient steelwork design results in better bottom line.

The problem with over-engineering is that you pay more and get the same result – same shed, for more cost.

It is not just a question of lightening up the beams, it’s a question of getting the delicate balance between strength and weight.

To increase the size of the beams can actually be detrimental as it increases the actual weight of the building. This in turn requires more strength to hold it up. An efficiently engineered building is just that- efficient.

What you need is the right-sized beam for the job. 

The problem in a specific industry such as sheds, or educational school COLAS and walkway structures, is that some engineers although qualified are not fluent in the particular type of work. Therefore, they tend to design structures that are quite correct, but not efficient.

Software seems to exacerbate this problem. The output of any software is dependent upon the input, and if the structure is not fully understood, the result can easily be over-engineered. Add to this the simple fact that software although smart is not actually intelligent.

The risk coupled with it, is that if the loads are not fluently understood, there can then be an under-engineering problem through the same methodology. So, to avoid that, engineers who are not familiar with the structure type on hand minimise their risk by putting in too much steel.

The bottom line is that there is a large amount of over-engineering that happening across the industry through inexperience, infrequent use, or simply a lack of fluency with that type of project.

Talk to a company that specializes in industrial sheds, extensions, awnings, school COLAs, Walkways etc, if that is the nature of your project.

Don’t rely on a general engineering company who build anything and everything.

Dealing with a specialist means you are more likely to get a structure that is efficiently engineered. It’s not just a matter of cutting some steel out of the design. It’s specific way of finding efficiencies that maintain strength and integrity. And putting more bottom-line dollars in your pocket.


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