Advantages of a Custom Builder of Sheds, Warehouses, Awnings or Hangar


Advantages of using a Specialist Industrial Shed Builder

For companies and departments in the market for a new shed, warehouse, hangar, extension or awning, a fixed-price construction specialist like Asset Building Systems (ABS) should be at the top of your list.


It’s become heart-wrenchingly clear to us that there are inherent problems with unfixed price projects that are either multi-contractor engagement or internally-managed projects. An avenue often chosen for perceived cost-savings, non-fixed cost projects are a losing battle, hindered by significant cost overruns, delays and failure to deliver.


Asset is often summoned with frequent requests to recuperate progress, cost control and find solutions to problems for projects that are mid-construction. It’s an unfortunate reality.


In response to this recurring crisis, it’s one of Asset’s newest missions to halt cost overruns, hidden costs and delays at the source by showing clients the advantages of signing up to our fixed-cost, turnkey, singular point of contact project delivery.


With more than two decades in the business of building structures for complex infrastructure, heavy industries, government, mining, commercial, industrial and educational institutions in NSW. Asset exists to assert greater certainty in your project delivery with our turnkey fixed-price methodology.

The Downfalls of Multi-contractor & Self-Managed Methods

Without collaboration from the start, a lot of responsibility is left up to discretion in multi-party construction. Project managers are often left abandoned, endlessly chasing their tails in an attempt to fill the gaps. Ultimately for the client, it causes too many points of contact, creating ambiguous ac-countability.


On typical multi-contractor and self-managed projects-gone-wrong, core responsibilities are spread across three or more parties including the you the client. The structure may arrive with sub-par steelwork, installers will struggle with the structural components because they are not to specifica-tion with the site, and accountability will be handed off like a hot potato until the problem reaches the client.


Weeks of back-and-forth pass, and the client is the one who is expected to pick up the bills with ex-tra engineering, construction costs, days of delay, and stress. Lack of transparent accountability is at the core of these contract arrangements.


With Asset, your project is in safe hands. Upholding complete accountability, transparency and solu-tion-based project management, you can expect same-day problem solving without hidden costs or palming off responsibility.

A Real World Example of a Multi-contractor Projects-Gone-Wrong

At Asset, we often learn about problems that happen with multi-contractor projects. One particular problematic project provides an opportunity to compare with how Asset rises above the competition.


  1. Client opted for standard shed from a seller with external fabricators & installers (3 parties involved).
  2. The steelwork that arrives onsite is poor quality, and the installers struggle with it. Many parts don’t fit the site properly. Eg. walkways not align with existing buildings correctly etc.
  3. The installers say “not my problem”, and pass on the problem with the fabricator.
  4. The fabricator sends the problem back to the seller.
  5. The seller contacts the client to present the problem.
  6. The client is expected to find solutions to the problem, as an intermediary between the engineer and the seller!

Result: Weeks of delay and stress, extra engineering and construction costs that far exceed the orig-inal estimate. The multi-contractor model fails to deliver transparency, accountability and cost cer-tainty.


If the client had opted to go with Asset Building Systems:

  1. Asset is engaged as the single point of accountability with a fixed cost contract, as the project manager, designer, fabricator, supplier, installer.
  2. A problem occurs onsite with steelwork not matching up.
  3. Asset Representative on-site targets the problem, liaises with the in-house fabrication team and design department. Half an hour later, the Asset project manager presents three solutions to the cli-ent to address the problem. “Here’s the solution to the problem that you didn’t know about yet, and we can do it in these 3 ways, take your pick & we’ll get the process rolling to get it sign-off from en-gineer”.

Result: Problem fixed same day, no extra engineering or construction fees, and no headaches. Thanks to Asset’s turnkey model of operation and fixed-price, solution-based approach to your pro-jec

Construction Managed On Your Behalf

At Asset Building Systems, our team will work with you to custom design a structure to meet your specifications, timeframe, and budget. Moreover, we are your singular point of contact, managing your entire project on your behalf.


When you engage Asset Building Systems, we take care of everything. From mitigating risk through strict quality control and guaranteed compliance, meeting ISO9001 quality standards and devising economical effectiveness to finding engineer-backed solutions for your needs, we offer superior project management.

Asset’s Upfront Fixed Pricing - Project Managed Construction with Fixed-Cost Reliability

No one likes hidden fees or unexpected costs. That’s why, we provide fixed pricing for your construction project with a fixed timeframe, and guaranteed quality benchmarks.


At Asset Building Systems, we value open communication and transparency. Your all-inclusive fixed contract will outline the terms from the get-go, meaning there will be no surprises down the road.

Dirt to Done - Autonomous & Safe

Our competitive advantage lies within our capabilities to manage complex buildings and heavy compliance worksites autonomously and safely from Dirt to Done.


With in-house trades and trusted specialists, and our own fleet cranes and heavy trucks, we are able to deliver with speed, precision and control over project timelines.


Not only do we specialise in structural steel structures like sheds and warehouses but also vehicle maintenance workshops, lube storage sheds, reticulation facilities, rail workshops, wash down facilities, storage warehouses, cantilever awnings, skillion awnings and shed extensions.

Complex Infrastructure & Heavy Industries

Asset Building Systems specialise in turnkey commercial and industrial sheds, warehouses, hangars and awnings for New South Wales. From Dirt to Done – Asset manages your entire project autonomously, adhering to Safe Work Australia’s WHS laws, and our license obligations for Working Safely at Heights and conducting High Risk Work.

Mining Sector

Asset Building is a market-leading shed builder for the mining industry of NSW. Guaranteed adherence to mining Work Health & Safety through stringent quality controls and risk mitigation for complex, active mine sites. Our world class structural steel sheds, cantilever and skillion awnings, and extensions are suitable for expanding operations and supporting mine equipment storage, maintenance workshops, truck covers, and ancillary works.


Asset is a trusted turnkey provider of Covered Outdoor Learning Areas (COLAs), Sports Shelters, Covered Walkways and Awnings for public and private schools in Greater Sydney and New South Wales. We’ve delivered projects to over 100 public and private schools, compliant to NSW’s Educational Facilities Standards and Guidelines (EFSG). Safety is our number one goal with stringent quality controls and mandatory working with children checks (WWCC).

Water Infrastructure

Asset Building is a preferred turn-key structural steel shed builder for state government utilities and private water resources. Autonomous delivery of premium structures to support New South Wales’s critical water infrastructure and assets. Backed by police checks for security clearances, and renowned for upholding the highest standards of WHS, we are accustomed to finding solutions to complex issues.

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