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Cantilever Awning for Mining Site Vehicle Servie bay

Mining operations of all types typically have a service bay (or multiple) onsite with the large amount of vehicular service needs. Service bays and awnings often have a roof or canopy in view of all weather truck and fleet maintenance.


The engineering & design of these structures are important; it goes without saying that the concrete slab has to be engineered for the massive point loads a dumper places on the surface. Up to 500mm thick concrete slab usually with a combination of mesh and fibre reinforcing. The edge of the concrete apron will also often have a thickened edge beam to prevent cracking.

The cover is also a concern as to provide the weather protection via the roof structure, it can impact on the freedom of movement of vehicles due to the location of uprights (steel columns). One innovative way of designing these bays is to have a cantilevered awning option which provides the cover but only has posts on one side, which allows freedom of truck movement on the other side.

A few other considerations for smart design include bay spacings, types of materials used, and value engineering to match your site & location.


For those mines who prefer a turnkey package from initial budget planning, design and function meetings, through to fabrication and site installation and management, Asset Building has you covered; we can provide services from the initial budget estimate through to completed works anywhere in NSW.

Procuring these type of projects as a package provides the end user with confidence that all site inductions and appropriate medicals are obtained by using a builder who is experienced with high spec sites.


It isn’t critical to have ISO9001, ISO45001 and ISO14001 to work in the mining space, however it takes all the hassle out when choosing a contractor who has these tickets; Asset Building has a high focus on ensuring we operate at a world-class level of safety & compliance, to give you peace of mind.

Project management & Quality management software is very important to ensure projects get done on-time and to spec, and Asset’s custom-built Construction management software pack with ITP Management, timelines, and safety reporting systems allow us to exceed the ISO standards & ensure control of the build from start to finish.

Many builders and shed erectors shy away from the mining environment due to the “paperwork”. A job well planned is half done. Procuring a design and construct package ensures that the “safety in design” considerations are met from the concept stage.


An example of a service bay constructed by Asset building was a turnkey tyre fitting bay at a gold mine.

The project was custom engineered including a very heavy duty slab suitable for mining dump trucks, cantilevered awning, high bay lighting and storm water plumbed to 2 storm water tanks. Asset Building also design and fabricated the custom yellow bollards.

Link to this case study is here: Case Study: Extension of Mobile Maintenance Workshop at Gold Mine (

Mining Tyre Bay Awning under construction


Environmental concerns are a large factor in today’s decisions, particularly at places that undergo strict compliance audits like Mines. Asset Building maintains ISO14001 to keep our practices to the highest industry standards in environmental. Its not just a ticket for Asset, it’s a mindset.

We believe the little things add up like capturing rainwater in tanks, designing the structure to take solar panels. We run our own fleet of trucks and use B doubles where possible to reduce fuel usage. All scrap steel is recycled and repurposed.


Our team are constantly design and fabricating projects for heavy industry, critical utilities and mining which demand a rigour of weld mapping, traceability and testing. We have qualified Doggers/Riggers/Crane Drivers to ensure capability for any need onsite.

Whilst Asset Building has inhouse trades we often utilise local trades to give back and support local communities. This is a win win for all as often these trades understand the mining environment and the rigour of WHS planning and implementation.


Choosing a company that is utilizing the power of digital technology in construction is very important for a high-quality result. For example, Asset Building uses Topcon positioning tools which produce CAD files for the site, and our network of Engineers/Shop Drawing experts utilize Tekla for high-quality drawings which our fabrication & onsite install teams can use.

Working with a builder who is familiar with mine sites means simple things like perhaps designing so the roof can be built on the ground as one piece and lifted into place (if relevant to your particular site). This is opposed to companies who produce high volumes of simple kits with little consideration to the contractor installing onsite. The cohesion from design and construction with one company covers safety, design, management and installation considerations in its entirety.

Our friendly team are waiting for your call, whether it’s to start a budget estimate for 3 years time, or you’re ready to find a builder to start your job ASAP, get in touch & get a top-notch job from a friendly team who cares.. built from a family business background, we care about you getting a good result!

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