My Builder Doesn’t tell Me What’s Going On!


Should you engage a builder who doesn’t return your calls?

At Asset Building Systems we don’ think so.

Have you ever made a phone call to a builder, left a message, and you’re still wondering when or if they are ever going to call back.? We don’t think there is any basis fo r engaging that builder. There is nothing more frustrating than people not returning your communications. lack of communication in the early stages of an enquiry or quoting process is a reasonably significant indicator of how you will be treated throughout the entire process.

In a word, unsatisfactorily.

It is unfortunate that some builders have given the industry as a whole a poor reputation.

But it gets worse. Poor communication makes for misunderstandings and misunderstandings lead to disputes.

One of the reasons that builders communicate poorly is that they may not have systems in place to handle your enquiry. A good builder will have either a dedicated person or a dedicated system in place to ensure that every person enquiry gets handled efficiently and satisfactory.

This means more than just saying I’ll get back to you.

It means that someone has to take the time to look into the issue and provide an intelligent answer. This in turn creates customer satisfaction and a much higher likelihood of The Project being finished at a reasonable price and on-time.

Finishing projects on time and on budget are two principles we hold dear and Asset Building Systems.

And an obvious key to this is the fact that we do get back to you and communicate effectively.

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