What’s included in my shed quote?


When you get a shed quote or a price for an industrial building, it is really just the beginning of a longer process.

You can get a shed quote and think it is very reasonable, only to find later that this could be less than half of the final finished cost of the project.

There are many aspects to a new build. The shed is the obvious big lump sum, but if you are starting from a fresh, green-field site, there are many, often un-thought-of items that ultimately will be needed to complete the project.

When you buy a finished shed, you don’t see the sewer, electrical supply, stormwater, ground preparation, council fees, professional fees, etc. that go into the finished development.

So, you need to compare “apples-to-apples” when you are looking at your industrial sheds prices.

If you are inexperienced in this area, it may not be obvious to you what is finally needed. Even though the quote may say “everything is included for your shed” you may find that the concrete slab, internal fit out, and external fencing etc. are not normally included in “just the shed price”.

To get a comprehensive shed quote, it is advisable to get a building designer or architect to draw up a complete set of plans which includes landscaping, drainage, civil works, and surveying. As well as getting a costings schedule for council fees and approvals.

Obviously, it is important when you are comparing several quotes to put them side-by-side and make sure that all items are clearly defined. A single item not included may represent many thousands of dollars that will obviously have to be spent to arrive at certified completion.

For example, it is not uncommon for a shed quote to exclude crane hire and the concrete for the footings. This can be because your contractor is not willing to take the risk of weather or other factors affecting the time taken for installation. Make sure your quote includes both these items at a fixed price, or you may run the risk of serious claims for “extras’ or variations.

It is generally advisable to allow a contingency sum of about 5% over and above ALL known shed quotes or industrial sheds prices, as there are will always be some inevitable cost that has to be borne to complete the project.

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